Presentation of the company

TO-NA d.o.o. Freight upgrades, began its basic business in 2005, with a sales program of tipping bodies. Depending on the needs of the market, we expanded our activities to program of  low loader trailers and semitrailers for the implementation of special services of construction machinery, engeneering machinery and other special loads, which require specified connection vehicles. Our sales program we further expanded to include the sale of upgrades tanks of fuel for trucks and semitrailer, tanks for the transport of crude oil, petroleum products, bitumen, gas, technical water and bulk feed tanks (animal feed stuff, flour, cereals); our sales program further includes tipping semitrailers, thermally insulated upgrades, upgrades for cargo trailers, lifting loading platforms and container trailers. 

We are authorised representative for sale products of those programs for the following producers:
CANTONI&C S.p.A.: tipping bodies (light range, medium range, heavy off road range);
DE ANGELIS S.p.A.: trailer and semitrailers for special transport;
OMT S.p.A.: tanker trucks, fuel semitrailers, bitumen semitrailers, container semitrailers, discharge systems;
ACERBI S.p.A.: tank on truck for transport LPG's and semitrailers for transport LPG's;
MENCI&C  S.p.A.: semitrailers (with moving floor, aluminium square body, round tipping body, steel square body) and bulk feed tanks;
B.G. s.r.l.: upgrades tanks and semitrailer tanks for transport of foodstuffs (oil, milk, wine, juices, chocolate.....);
F.A.S.T. s.r.l.: upgrade of trucks, trailers, wood trailers, special trailers, lifting loading platforms;  
ZONTA Coldline s.r.l.: thermally isulated upgrades, cooling chambers and vans.

In addition to the presence of the Slovenian market we are present in te markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Our main advantages are addapting to the specific requirements of our customers, relatively short delivery times, competitives prices and corresponding high quality of our products. 

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